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I acquired my interest photography from my uncle who taught photography to members of the US Army Air Corps during WWII. As for my art, I'm a self-taught artist who, by trial and error, has learned the techniques of creating images in oils, watercolor, pen and ink, graphite and charcoal. Particularly drawn to the natural world of animal life, landscapes and seascapes, I do look for any subject I may find interesting and not hesitate to paint, draw or photograph it. My work also includes producing First Day Cover Cachets (FDC).
   I do not go into any extensive planning prior to creating a painting or drawing. I find that it's easier to let the work 'plan itself.' I know a piece is finished when I feel I've captured the essence of the subject. The same applies to digital photographs. If needed I'll enhance a photograph using only the traditional darkroom technique tools, as well as other tools if necessary, of an editing program. The photograph is never altered beyond its original composition.
   I neither go into any fanciful explanations concerning my work nor do I give my pieces, photographs or cachets any fanciful titles. I just paint, draw and photograph subjects that I find pleasing and hope that the viewer finds the finished work equally so.
   Member of the Brooklyn Watercolor Society and the Rockaway Artists Alliance (a founding member).
My book: Ian and the Woodins
First Day Covers: FDC

Stephen S. Yaeger


Fine Art & Photography

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