Stephen S. Yaeger

Drawn to Nature
The natural world reveals an amazing diversity of the planet on which we live. The habitat any animal occupies allows it to feed, water and shelter according to its specific needs. The extraordinary pattern of a tiger’s coat camouflages it when on the hunt, Humpback whales bubble-feeding on krill a fraction of their size, powerful storm-driven waves striking shore rocks and cliffs or viewing the tops of a series of mountains giving the illusion that what you are looking at is a painting itself are what draws me to the subjects of animals, landscapes and seascapes. This is what I try to reveal to the viewer of my work. It takes time and understanding to consider how each component part of the natural world will relate to another not only to balance a painting or drawing, but to present an image that is true to form. I want all to recognize the world of nature; that it is a diverse, awesome world and it must be protected and kept as pristine as possible.
Original art ©Stephen S. Yaeger
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